Sometimes you just want to check in with someone…

Last week, I put my ‘baby’ girl (she is 15) on a plane and she went to France for 10 months. She has dreamt of this for years, begged us to allow it to happen and been so focused and excited about it. Then the reality hit all of us.

Let me tell you planning and organising this exchange is infinitely easier than putting her on the plane and letting go.

In the days leading into her departure, woah, big feelings, big emotions and lots of physical symptoms. I found myself calling in the ‘experts’. The professionals who could support our understanding of what she was experiencing. I am ever so grateful to have these people in my Universe.

It reminded me of my intention with Small Connections. I can support families to gain understanding of early communication development and give them tools to support their young children.

I don’t need to take control and be the ‘expert’. I believe to the bottom of my heart that parents are the experts of their children.

This was called into play for me last week.

My expert knowledge of my daughter, combined with professional opinion allowed us the freedom to move forward in a positive, productive and informed way.

As such, I am opening up 10 sessions in September to work with families one on one. Where you can share your thoughts and concerns and we can ‘mash them up’ with my professional expertise around early communication development.

All the sessions will be online. My goal is to increase your understanding of what you are seeing in your child in your day to day.
To allow you the freedom I experienced as I called in the professional expertise to be able to plan and move forward.

I won’t be working with your child but I will be working with you.

You are without a doubt the best person to do the work. I can help you understand what your child is doing and how you can make some changes that will support their talking.

If you want someone to help you:
• Understand your child’s communication development;
• Give you some tools and strategies to implement so you can take action as soon as we finish;
• Support you to create a plan for the next step.

Then I encourage you to have a look. 

I know that parents are the key and essential ingredients to growing strong kids.
I also believe that all care should be parent and child focused.

Your concerns will be my drivers for supporting your understanding.

You can book the session here.