The Power of Predictable Language

Routines are wonderful things.

They are predictable.

They can be verbal routines or they can be physical routines.

My 11 year old and I have a verbal routine that I love. We have been doing it for years and to be fair I don’t even know how it started. It goes like this….
Person 1: I love you
Person 2: I love you more
Person 1: I love you the most

Then we have over the years tried to better each other by…I love you forever or I love you to the moon and back or anything to try to trump ‘the most’ ..I love you infinity… but we both know that most is where it stops…so there is also a small measure of competition to be the one who starts it as then you can also be the finisher! But it is special and it is ours.

Other routines such as when you put them in the car seat, making them a drink, changing their nappy or as you push them on the swings. All of these provide opportunities for predictable language.

Which you can use to help build their talking and understanding.

Routines can be a people games, or a song or a rhyme. Anything your child loves.

Each time it starts the same way.

Each time you can offer your child a turn.

With predictable language you can use pauses to allow your child to see it is their turn….wait for them (I have to count in my head to 5 to keep quiet).

The end is usually the same. Which gives them a chance to request it again if they want!!

If you are looking for more information on what to expect with your young child’s communication development then I have an e-book for the typical milestones for communication development from birth to four years. You can download it here.