My philosophy…Why I do what I do!!!


I want to share with you about what influences my perspective on the work that I do……I am a Speech Pathologist. I feel very passionately that working with parents is key to building and growing strong kids. I know that some children will need individual plans and support but I challenge that there are some children who we can support by building their families abilities to understand what their needs are and to have tools, tips and resources to support them and that this will have significant impact on their child’s communication development.

I have been working as a Speech Pathologist since 1996. Over this time my passion has always been early language development. I remember fainting in an adult learning placement at uni and that was that. I had always loved kids and that sealed my resolve to always work with kids. My experiences have been varied within that: education, early development in a community setting and early development in a hospital setting. Even a little stint at private therapy. By far though my longest role has been in a population health model and at first this challenged my “how I do what I do”. As my role was being challenged: rather than seeing children one on one (or small groups) I was now working with the people who supported the kids – parents, carers, daycare workers, teachers. Over this time research in our profession also started shining a light on what we thought we knew in terms of who is likely to end up with language learning problems in the long term. It was not necessarily what we thought it was.

Also, over this time I became a mother, and a mad searcher for information that supported me to support them. Especially in the field of food and nutrition due to allergies. So as I learnt theory, I also learnt a valuable lesson about motivation and actually getting things done. I learnt that knowledge by itself does not change anything, motivation although critically important needed knowledge to focus it. It was not until I gave myself permission to use ‘baby steps’ that I started to see actual change in what I did.

I feel like I might finally have it, the knowledge to support and help others who are travelling a journey of discovery about how to support their children when they might be concerned or even just simply interested in language and literacy development.  So with my professional expertise of working with populations and in early language and literacy development and my personal experiences of the benefits of knowledge only when combined with a dose of motivation and permission and grace to move in baby steps, do I feel ready to launch Small Connections.

My vision is to create a place where families can learn from me and from each other. Learn actionable, baby steps that are based on evidence. We can build our community to problem solve, to reflect and to take ownership of the role we play in supporting our child’s development.

In November 2017 I will be launching, Small Connections Foundation Program for Parents (P4P). If you are interested in learning more about our program then I invite you to visit here.

It will run over two weeks and we will have plenty of opportunity to learn from each other. This course will be built on the back of my professional knowledge combined with families concerns and questions.

My wish is to bring together my passion for learning, my passion for early communication and my drive to support parents and carers to support their kids.

Kind regards

Bonny xx