The humble peg can teach us so much!

I wanted to share with you just how powerful the humble peg is.

It is really very impressive.

It can teach your child:

Colour and number: you can talk about the different colours or you can make it a game and to distract them whilst you are hanging out the washing you could ask them to find all the blue ones, or 5 red ones.

Following directions: You can see if they can follow 1 step directions like “Find all the green ones” or you can see if they can follow 2 step instructions – “find me a green peg and a blue peg”, or “put the green peg on the shorts” and for the older child 3 step instructions – “Find me a green peg, red peg and a yellow peg”.

Feelings: I have seen pegs on my ever friendly dog’s ears. So we got to talk about how she might be feeling and what she might be able to do to remove the pegs given she does not have an opposable thumb. If not the dog, I have seen my children attach the peg to their own ear, tongue or lip, so we got to talk about how that felt and what motivated them to do such a thing☺.

Vocabulary: All. The. Clothes.

Ownership: Talk about whose is whose.

Size: Big, little

Parts of the object: You can chat about the shiny bit that holds them together, or how easily the break.

Parents have shared with me that they don’t really like ‘playing’ with their kids and I can totally get that. In our household we just cannot do board games. It brings out the worst in every single one of us. But the truth is we don’t have to be playing with the ‘things’. Having conversations and talking about what we are doing is one of the most powerful ways to grow our children’s language and in turn to grow their brains.

90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years. Talking to your young child builds the foundations that last a lifetime.

So have fun with the humble peg.

If you are looking for information about what to expect at different ages for your child’s language development then I have pulled together an ebook regarding milestones and how to support their language development. If this is something you are looking for then head here.