Dear Connectors,
This is my first post on Small Connections. My first time at putting something that has been in my head for a long time out there into the Universe for people to know about.
I am a Speech Pathologist. This is a site that will grow to support parents and families who are wanting to learn more and know more, or those who are just interested.
I have spent the last 15 years raising my four children and being a Speech Pathologist in a population health model. That means I have spent the last 15 years supporting communities and not working in a traditional model as a Speech Pathologist. So not really any one on one therapy sessions which is the norm for our profession. My role has been to train those who spend time with children.
I feel very passionately that with timely information parents can make informed decisions that will be able to either support their ability as consumers of speech pathologists, increase their knowledge base or simply build their confidence.
My business is called Small Connections. This is because I believe that it is in the small moments that the magic happens.
My role here is to support families to support their kids. Maybe even to support families to support themselves. I think nothing can be boxed easily, everything is linked. How we feel, what we eat, how we react to situations and how we connect with our kids. I hope that this site will grow into a place where you can find information and link to the services that you need in that moment.
My primary purpose is to support you to understand and support your children’s language development. I believe that with the right support most families can support themselves to grow and learn. There are some conditions and speech and language difficulties that need direct one to one or small group intervention. This site may support those families to become informed consumers of speech pathology services but I cannot support your kids. My skills are in supporting you.
I believe that looking through the strengths of families and the strengths of your kids I can offer some ideas and support that may be able to have a large impact.

It is lovely to meet you.
I look forward to connecting with you.