About Small Connections

Small Connections aims to provide a place where we can connect. I believe that life is a series of small moments and the power and beauty are in these moments. I also believe that we need to support parents, carers and educators to provide the building blocks and support for all children.

As a Speech Pathologist my vision is to share information about speech and language development to parents, carers and educators of young children. I would also like to foster a community that supports and empowers families to care for themselves to support the care of their children. Small Connections is about the small moments in life that are meaningful and make the difference. It is also about the small connections that we weave as we go about our day that make the rich tapestry of life.

I believe parents and carers have a deep and intuitive affinity for their children and how to support them. When empowered about developmental information and in particular communication difficulties and how to manage them, parents and carers can weave the information into their daily lives.

These subtle changes to how parents and carers interact with their children are ‘small connections’.

Small Connections is focused on empowering parents and carers to identify and act on the myriad of small interactions that they have with their children to get more fulfilling communication outcomes for everyone involved.

This approach expands on the tradition binary patient-specialist relationship and embraces a family and community approach. The intention is not to diminish the role of speech pathology practitioners, but to empower a broader support base for the child which will in turn support the professional services.

Small Connections role is to;

  • Educate parents and carers – demystify the perception around communication problems, and
  • Empower Parents and carers – provide actionable advice that parents and carers can implement.