Bonny Marsh

I have spent 22 years working with children and families as a Speech Pathologist with a passion for population health (working with whole communities) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Family, friends and friends of friends would often ask  for my opinion on their child’s communication development.  Sometimes as parents we worry about what we are seeing in our children and  I started to think that there is a a real need for timely and appropriate information for families.

Two of my children were difficult to understand and had speech difficulties. I was always grateful for the knowledge I had because I felt empowered and I knew ways to support them. I knew things that I should avoid, I knew strategies that helped and I knew not to be worried.

I also knew when to seek help.

I would love to be your Speechie friend.

My Philosophy

I believe parents and carers have a deep and intuitive affinity for their children and how to support them. When empowered with developmental information and in particular communication difficulties and how to manage them, parents and carers can weave the information into their daily lives.

These subtle changes to how parents and carers interact with their children are ‘small connections’.

Small Connections is focused on empowering parents and carers to identify and act on the myriad of small interactions that they have with their children to get more fulfilling communication outcomes for everyone involved.